Art Walk

I'm probably the worst songwriter in the whole world. My songs don't follow a particular type of pattern, or maybe they do. The story this song still is not a story that is most often told that people want to hear, or they may not even be interested if they do hear it. What are these songs? They really aren't much. What I've written don't have much in the way of verse. It must be the Universe, one verse. After forever, I'm often able to squeeze out the second verse and make it all more believable.

dino song

But most the time it's one chorus an idea that gets stuck in my head that I just can't get rid of it, just keeps going round and round. And that's the song. But nevertheless there is a THREE STEP process. These songs organically occur. This tutorial will start to take you through that journey, so you can understand what that might look like. Hey I've got friends and family who still remember the old songs they still live on today.

Music Tutorial